Egypt Visa for Swedish Citizens

eVisa requirements from Sweden

Since 2017, eligible citizens have been able to get an Egypt e-Visa online in order to travel to the country, saving the time and hassle of having to go to an Egyptian Embassy or Consulate to apply for a visa. This electronic travel authorization was introduced in order to expedite the Egypt visa application process and is available for short stays for tourism or business. Citizens of 46 countries are eligible to apply for the e-Visa for Egypt, including all European Union countries, meaning that an Egypt online visa for Swedish citizens is now available.

Do Swedish Citizens Need a Visa for Egypt?

Yes, Swedish citizens require a visa to enter Egypt. The majority of foreign nationalities are required to obtain a visa to enter the country, as there are only 9 countries (including Kuwait and Hong Kong) permitted visa-free travel to Egypt.

The Egypt tourist e-Visa for Swedish citizens is available for those wishing to enjoy a holiday or business trip to Egypt. An Egypt visa on arrival for Swedish citizens is also available. However, applying for the quick and easy Egypt e-Visa from Sweden online saves applicants from waiting in long lines at Egyptian border points.

Egyptian Visa for Swedish Citizens

The e-Visa for Egypt for Swedish citizens is available through the simple Egypt online visa application, which only takes minutes to complete. Applicants are required to fill the Egypt online visa application from Sweden with a range of personal and passport information, including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Travel Document number
  • Passport Issue/Expiry Date

Applicants are required to apply with the same passport to later be used for the travel. They will also have to answer some basic health and security-related questions to complete the Egypt e-Visa application for Swedish citizens.

It’s also required to have a credit or debit card in order to pay the Egypt e-Visa for Swedish citizens fee, as well as to supply a current email address to which the visa for Egypt from Sweden will be sent.

It’s essential to double check all the information entered on the form in order to correctly receive the eVisa for Egypt from Sweden in the inbox. Any errors may result in the visa being denied or sent to the wrong email address.

Egypt Visa Requirements from Sweden

In order to meet the entry requirements for Egypt from Sweden, it’s necessary for applicants to:

  • Have a Swedish passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry to Egypt
  • Supply a scanned copy of the passport information page
  • Use the same passport to travel as is used during the visa application.

Travelers are also advised to provide supporting documentation upon arrival at the border, as the final decision for entry is ultimately made by Egyptian officials at the border. This includes a printed travel itinerary and proof of accommodation, such as evidence of a hotel booking.

Single-entry or Multiple-entry Egypt Visa from Sweden

The e-Visa for Egypt for Swedish citizens can be obtained as a single-entry visa for a maximum stay of 30 days, as with the Egypt visa on arrival from Sweden. However, it’s also available as a multiple-entry visa with validity of 90 days, which allows the holder to leave and reenter Egypt various times until the visa expires.

When deciding between the Single-entry or Multiple-entry visa for Egypt, applicants should be aware that there is no option to get a multiple-entry Egypt visa for Swedish citizens on arrival. The multiple-entry visa must be applied for online through the Egypt e-Visa application from Sweden.

For stays of longer than 90 days, travelers are required to apply for an Egypt visa for Swedish citizens from the Egyptian Embassy in Sweden. The type of Egypt visa required will vary depending on the length and intended purpose of the stay.

Egyptian Embassy in Sweden

Embassy of Egypt, Stockholm Strandvägen 35 104 40 Stockholm Sweden

  • Phone: +46 (0) 84599860 789
  • Email:
  • Website:

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