Egypt Visa for Serbian Citizens

Egypt eVisa Requirements for Serbian citizens

Serbian citizens wishing to travel to Egypt are automatically eligible for an Egypt eVisa, which greatly simplifies the process of passing through national immigration. Serbian tourists traveling to Egypt can easily acquire a short term stay of up to 30 days and need only meet the Egypt visa requirements in order to visit the country.

To modernize and update the process of entry into the country, the government of the Arab Republic of Egypt introduced the electronic travel authorization system in 2017 to tourists visiting from 46 countries. The Egyptian e-Visa can be easily procured online and allows tourists to skip the laborious process of queuing on arrival at a port or airport for a visa.

The following guide will fully explain the visa necessities that Serbian travelers will need to follow when arriving in Egypt for a vacation. It will also explain the 2 different ways to obtain a visa safely and securely for a trip to the land of pyramids.

Do Serbians Need a Visa to Visit Egypt?

Serbian citizens are entitled to enter the country for up to 30 days with a tourist visa. This can either be obtained by queuing up for a visa on arrival or passing swiftly through immigration with a pre-authorized Egypt eVisa. The 2 options available to tourists traveling on a Serbian passport to Egypt are:

  • An Egyptian eVisa: Applied for online and gained prior to travel, allowing smoother transition through a port of entry
  • A visa on arrival: Gained by queuing on arrival to an Egyptian land border, port or airport and completing an application.

The Egypt e-Visa Requirements for Serbians

Since 2017 the Egyptian government has made it possible for travelers visiting the country for short durations with an Egypt e-Visa. The eVisa allows for a stay of 30 days at a time and is designed to simplify the process for Serbian tourists entering the country. The eVisa offers a number of advantages to the visa on arrival system:

  • It can easily be applied for online via a web application form
  • Tourists can avoid the need to stand in long immigration queues for a visa on arrival
  • The Egyptian eVisa can be approved within 7 days from the date of application
  • Your approved electronic visa can be sent directly to your personal email address
  • Once received, it can be easily printed off and presented with a valid passport on arrival in Egypt

After your eVisa has been confirmed, it can be used at any time within 3 months of the date of approval. It must be printed off and presented as a hard document on arrival to a port, airport or land border to Egypt. It cannot be presented as a digital document on your mobile phone or tablet computer.

Serbian nationals also have the option of getting a multiple-entry visa for Egypt online. This eVisa allows for stays of up to 30 days per entry within a six-month period.

The Key Requirements for the Egypt eVisa for Serbians

To make the process of obtaining a tourist visa simpler, you will only need to submit a few pieces of information during the online application. These will be used to confirm your identity with the Egyptian immigration authorities and allow for the proper processing of your visa to be carried out correctly. In order to apply for an Egypt eVisa online you will need to provide the following:

  • A completed application form: This will include a number of important personal and security questions that all tourists must provide before entry into the country
  • A valid Serbian passport: The document you provide must be the passport you will use to enter Egypt and must have more than 6 months remaining before its expiry.
  • Payment of a small fee: This can be paid via debit or credit card
  • A valid email address: This will be used to receive your approved eVisa and/or any status updates regarding the processing of your application

egypt visa requirements from serbia

The online Egypt eVisa system makes the process of a visit to Egypt much smoother to organize for Serbian citizens and allows a much more straightforward experience when passing through immigration into the country. It additionally offers greater peace of mind, as it is fully approved prior to arrival preventing any issues when crossing the border into Egypt.

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