Egypt Visa for Macedonian Citizens

Tourist Application Requirements for an Egypt Visa from Macedonia

Egypt Visa for Macedonians

Citizens from Macedonia, along with the majority of other nationalities, must first fill out a visa application form if they wish to enter and travel around in Egypt. The good news is that this application process is really simple and the process time needed for the visa is very short.

Rather than standing in a long queue at the Egyptian border or having to pay a visit to the embassy in person, citizens from Macedonia can now apply for an Egypt e-Visa for Macedonian Citizens online from the comfort of their own home.

Do Macedonian Citizens Need a Visa to Enter Egypt?

All Macedonian citizens who would like to visit Egypt for tourism purposes only will require a visa. With an Egypt e-Visa for Macedonian citizens, they will be allowed to enter for the purpose of a short stay. This e-Visa is only suitable for short stays and will expire after a period of thirty days. All travelers will be required to print out a hard copy of their e-Visa so that it can be shown at the border of Egypt.

Egypt visa from Macedonia

Egypt Visa Requirements for Macedonian Citizens

Macedonian nationals must meet only a few requirements if they are planning to visit Egypt for a maximum of 30 days for tourism purposes. To apply, they must:

  • Hold a valid Macedonian passport
  • Fill out an online application form carefully to avoid any mistakes
  • Pay a small set e-Visa fee by means of a valid debit or credit card

The passport that they use during this application must be valid for a minimum of six months after the planned arrival date.

Even though these Egypt visa requirements for Macedonian citizens are all basic, it is imperative that all applicants meet each of these requirements prior to applying to avoid delays and subsequent disappointment.

Which Documents Are Required for Macedonian Citizens for the Egypt Visa?

Citizens from Macedonia who would like to complete an application form for an Egyptian e-Visa must hold a passport that will still be valid for six months (or longer) after the proposed date of arrival. Please bear in mind that applicants might also be requested to provide other supporting documentation.

Eligible citizens who are planning to visit Egypt are also advised to pack in the following documents as well:

  • Travel itineraries
  • Information regarding their accommodation and the attractions they intend to visit
  • A hard copy of their digital e-Visa that they have printed out

How to Apply for an Egypt e-Visa from Macedonia

The introduction of the e-Visa for Egypt from Macedonia in 2017 has eliminated the need to stand in a long queue for a visa. Now eligible foreign nationals simply have to answer a few straightforward questions. An applicant will be asked to provide the following information:

  • His/her personal information as it appears on his/her passport
  • The document number of his/her passport
  • The country where his/her passport was issued
  • The date on which the passport was issued and will expire
  • Travel information and the reason for traveling to Egypt

Once the relevant authorities have approved the online application, the Egypt e-Visa for Macedonian citizens will be sent by means of email, in PDF file format, so that it can be printed out at the home or office and presented at the Egyptian border. Thus, it is key to provide a valid email address that can still be accessed.

All applicants are also strongly advised to apply for their visas at least a week before their planned date of departure. Even though the applications for an e-Visa for Egypt from Macedonia are usually processed within five business days, delays can happen from time to time. Thus, it is better to apply well in advance to avoid disappointment in the event that there should be possible delays.

As stated earlier, an error on the application form can also lead to possible delays and, thus, all applicants are reminded and urged to check their details before submitting to make sure that everything is correct and corresponds to the information on their original travel documents.

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