Egypt Visa for Latvian Citizens

eVisa Requirements for Larvian citizens

Latvian citizens can visit Egypt with either an eVisa for Egypt or a visa on arrival. There are specific Egypt visa requirements for Latvia that are required of Latvian citizens when applying for a visa for Egypt, as well as conditions such as permitted periods of stay. The Egypt eVisa is a simple visa application form that enables Latvian citizens to apply for a visa prior to traveling to Egypt.

Egyptian Visa for Latvian Passports Holders

The Egypt visa for Latvian passports enables Latvians to stay in Egypt for up to 30 days. There is also the possibility of applying for a multiple-entry visa, valid up to 180 days. In the case of trips longer than 6 months, it will be necessary for Latvian citizens to apply for an Egyptian visa prior to departure at a local Egyptian embassy.

Citizens of Latvia planning to travel in Egypt for less than 30 days can apply for an Egypt online visa. The Egypt eVisa application process is simple and doesn’t require visits to embassies or consulates. The process involves filling out an application form online, proceeded by payment for the visa online. Afterward, the application will be scanned and the result will be confirmed via email.

Egypt Single-Entry Visa and Multiple-Entry Visa

The Egyptian visa for Latvia can be categorized into different types of visa for Latvian citizens, depending on the intended period of stay in Egypt. The single-entry visa which is valid for up to 30 days can be applied for online. The possibility of obtaining a multiple-entry visa is also available. This visa allows the holder to enter Egypt numerous times within a six-month period as long as each one of the stays doesn’t exceed 30 days.

Travelers who wish to apply for a multiple-entry visa can do so online, as well.

Egypt Visa Requirements for Latvian Citizens

In order to apply for an Egyptian visa successfully, Latvian citizens should ensure that they are able to fulfill the visa requirements.

Latvian citizens must:

  • Possess a Latvian passport valid for at least 6 months past the intended date of entry to Egypt
  • Fill in and send the Egypt visa application form, ensuring that there are no errors or false information
  • Pay for the visa online using a valid debit or credit card

It’s important that visa applicants enable 7 working days for their visa to process before traveling to Egypt. The eVisa confirmation will be communicated via the email address provided in the visa application form. The eVisa should be printed in preparation for being shown at border control in Egypt.. egypt visa from latvia

Latvian Embassy in Egypt

Whilst in Egypt, Latvian citizens may seek any additional help with their visa or other travel emergencies at the Latvian Embassy in Cairo.

Latvian Embassy in Egypt: 8th Floor, Abou El, Fed Building, 3 Abou El Feda Street, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt Phone: +202 2 738 4188 Fax: +202 2 738 4189

Please note that the working week is from Sunday to Thursday.

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