Egypt Visa for Czech Citizens

eVisa requirements for Czech citizens

The majority of passport holders traveling to Egypt for tourism will need an Egypt visa to enter the country, as only a few nationalities are Egypt visa-exempt, including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. For short stays, Czech citizens traveling to Egypt are eligible to apply for either the Egypt e-Visa online or an Egypt visa on arrival, although the second option involves queuing at the border when entering the country.

Do Czech Citizens Need a Visa for Egypt?

Yes, an Egypt visa for Czech citizens is required for those wishing to travel to the country. Citizens staying for a maximum of 30 days in the country can pre-register their intention to travel through the Egypt visa application online and get an Egypt e-Visa from Czech Republic.

While Czech citizens can also get an Egypt visa on arrival at the Egyptian border, applying for the visa online will save time and hassle of waiting in long lines. In contrast, the Egypt e-Visa application process is simple and fast and takes only minutes to complete.

The e-Visa for Egypt for Czech citizens can be obtained as a single-entry visa for a maximum stay of 30 days, but also as a multiple-entry Egypt visa from the Czech Republic. The multiple-entry Egypt visa for Czech citizens is valid for a total of 180 days and allows the traveler to come and go as many times as they please for a maximum of 30 days per entry.

Czech citizens wishing to stay for longer are required to physically apply for an Egypt visa to an Egyptian Embassy or Consulate in the Czech Republic. Different types of Egypt visa will be required depending on the length of time required, and the purpose, such as to work or to study.

Apply for the e-Visa for Egypt for Czech citizens

Prior to December 2017, travelers from the Czech Republic need to get an Egypt visa on arrival when entering the country. Since this time, however, they have been able to apply for the Egypt tourist e-Visa online before travel, which greatly simplifies the process.

To apply for the e-Visa for Egypt for Czech citizens, it’s necessary to complete an online form with data from the applicant’s passport information page such as document number, expiry date, and country of birth, as well as basic personal information such as full name and contact details. It’s also required to answer some security and health questions in order to complete the visa for Egypt from the Czech Republic application.

Once the application has been processed and approved, a link to download the Egypt e-Visa for Czech citizens will be sent to the applicant via email. Border control officers at Egyptian ports of entry can then quickly verify the e-Visa for Egypt from the Czech Republic on their system upon arrival.

Egypt Visa Requirements for Czech Republic

egypt visa requirements for Czech citizens Travelers are required to meet several Egypt visa requirements before the visa for Egypt for Czech citizens application can be successfully approved. These include:

  • Having a Czech passport valid for at least 6 months from the entry date to Egypt
  • Having a valid debit or credit card to pay the Egypt e-Visa fee
  • Supplying a current email address to receive the Egypt online visa from Czech Republic.

It’s also recommended to provide supporting documentation upon arrival in Egypt to ensure entry to the country with the Egypt visa online. Czech travelers should:

  • Print a copy of the Egypt e-Visa from the Czech Republic
  • Have a Travel itinerary document
  • Bring details about hotel bookings and places to be visited in Egypt.

Finally, travelers are required to apply for an Egypt e-Visa for Czech citizens at least 7 days before entering the country, to ensure that approval for the Egypt visa can be given in time.

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