Egypt Visa for Croatian citizens

Egypt eVisa Requirements from Croatia

Egypt Visa for Croatian Citizens

Egypt continues to capture the imagination of millions of tourists around the world. Catching a glimpse of historical landmarks such as the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of the Kings is one of the main draws as well as a fascinating history and culture to explore.

The Egypt e-Visa for Croatians makes it easier than ever to travel there. It was launched in 2017 to simplify the process of getting a visa for Egypt. The e-Visa eliminates the need to physically go to an embassy or consulate to apply or to spend time queueing at the border for a visa on arrival.

Egypt Online Visa for Croatian Passport Holders

The Egypt e-Visa for citizens of Croatia is available as a single-entry visa (valid for a maximum of 30 days) or as a multiple-entry visa (valid for up to 6 months, allowing numerous entries over this period, as long as the total number of days spent in Egypt per entry does not exceed 30 days).

Both visas are designed for tourism purposes. The online application process is quick and easy. Applicants just need to meet the visa requirements and complete the online form.

Do Croatian Citizens need a Visa for Egypt?

Yes, Croatian travelers cannot enter without a visa for Egypt. Very few nationalities have visa-free access to Egypt. Croatians have two options, they can either obtain the Egypt online visa in advance of traveling or queue at the border for a visa on arrival.

The Egypt visa on arrival is a practical option if a traveler does not have enough time to process as Egypt e-Visa application (it can take up to 7 days to process). However, the Egypt e-Visa for Croatian passport holders saves the time and hassle of queuing for and processing a visa on arrival at the border.

Applying for the Egyptian Visa for Croatian Citizens

The Egypt Online Visa application only takes a few minutes to complete. Applicants just need to enter a range of basic information such as their name, address, passport details, and travel plans. There will also be some sections regarding the applicant’s background (including health and criminal record).

To submit the visa application there is a fee which is payable by credit or debit card. The vast majority of applications are processed within a few days though it can take up to 7 days.

The Egyptian authorities screen all the applications using security databases. It is essential to answer all the questions fully and accurately as any mistakes or incomplete sections can lead to delays in the process.

Egypt eVisa for Croatians

Egypt Visa Requierements for Croatians

To be eligible for the Egypt eVisa, applicants must meet the Egypt visa requirements for Croatians. Applicants need to have a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining (from the date of arrival in Egypt), and a credit or debit card to pay the visa fee.

Travelers should apply at least 7 days before their trip to Egypt. Approved Egypt e-Visas are sent to applicants by email once they have been processed by the authorities.

Should I Apply for the Single or Multiple-Entry Visa?

This depends on your travel needs. The processing fee for the multiple-entry visa is more expensive than the single-entry visa so if you only plan to enter Egypt once it is better to get the single-entry visa.

However, if you need to leave and reenter Egypt over a period of 6 months, you need a multiple-entry visa. egypt visa requirements for croatian citizens

Croatian Embassies and Consulates in Egypt

There is one Croatian consulate in Egypt in addition to the main embassy. Croatian travelers can go to either office to access a range of consular services including for emergencies such as lost or stolen passports.

Embassy of Croatia in Cairo, Egypt

  • Address: 3, Abou El Feda St., Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
  • City: Cairo
  • Email:
  • Fax: 00202 273 55 812
  • Phone: 00202 273 83 155

Consulate of Croatia in Alexandria, Egypt

  • Address: 32, Patrice Lomomba St. El Shalalat, Alexandria, Egypt
  • City: Alexandria
  • Fax: 002 03 459 5157
  • Phone: 002 03 459 5167

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