Am I guaranteed admission to Egypt?

An electronic visa for Egypt, or any type of Egyptian visa, can guarantee admission to Egypt. Please note that the e-Visa is a document that grants visitors permission to travel to and within Egypt.

Whether travelers are guaranteed admission to Egypt depends first on the visa terms negotiated between their native country and Egypt, as various countries have different visa plans, conditions, and requirements.

Visa applicants should ensure that all information is given correctly in the visa application form, as incorrect or false information can lead to a denied visa application. Although, it is very rare that applications are denied to those who have followed all the visa requirements and filled in the application form correctly.

The e-Visa for Egypt is currently available for citizens of certain eligible countries and who are traveling for tourism purposes. However, the e-visa in no way guarantees entry to the country. Final authorization to Egypt will be granted at the discretion of the Egyptian border authorities.

Similarly to other visa and entry requirements in other countries, national border security is able to deny travelers entry to their country in certain circumstances, such as where it is deemed that a threat may be posed, information may be false, and similar cases.

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