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Egyptian Visitor e-Visa for Egypt

Travel to Egypt: Information and necessary documents required for entry to Egypt

Egypt Tourist Visa

All travellers to Egypt for tourism purposes must be able to provide evidence of authorized permission to travel whilst in-country. From November 2017, for stays under 30 days this will take the form of a tourist e-Visa which can be obtained simply and quickly through an online application process.

The Government of Egypt has decided to administer the tourist visa for Egypt through an online platform in order to improve border and immigration security.

Foreign citizens from eligible countries with valid permission will be granted an Egypt tourist electronic visa. This Egyptian e-Visa allows the traveller to stay in the country for a 30-day period from the date of entry.

Futhermore, to obtain a business visa for Egypt, the applicant must also provide a copy of an official Business Letter. The Business visa will not be granted without this letter. It must include the information of the sponsoring company, the applicant’s status in the enterprise, the purpose for the visit and evidence of financial solvency throughout the applicant’s stay in Egypt. Please keep in mind that the e-Visa for Egypt is only for tourism.

For further information contact the Egypt Embassy in your country.

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Visitor Visa Requirements for Egypt

Egypt visitor visas can be obtained through an online e-Visa process if the applicant meets the following requirements:

  • Holder of a passport valid for 8-months from entry date;
  • Nationality of eligible country;
  • The applicant plans to travel to Egypt for a stay of 30 days or less;
  • Completed the online application correctly;
  • Submits payment via credit/debit card;

Travel docs for Egypt

To travel to Egypt, all foreign nationals must hold a passport with a validity of at least 8 months from the date of entry as well as an authorized tourist visa and any required specific supporting documents such as official sponsorship letters.

As well as this, is it advisable for all travellers to Egypt to take the following travel documents with them when travelling to Egypt:

  • Copies of your travel insurance policy.
  • Evidence of economic solvency during travels in Egypt.
  • Proof of onward or return journey.
  • Accommodation or ticket reservations.
  • Photocopies of travel documents in case of loss.

Bear in mind that there is a limitation on the amount of money a tourist can take into or out of the country in cash: L.E. 5,000 (Livre Egyptienne) and $10,000 or equivalent and this may be verified by Custom or Border officials.

How long is an Egypt e-Visa valid for?

When travelling to Egypt, the single or multiple-entry Egypt e-Visa allows travellers to stay for a total of 30 days from the date of entry. The Visa itself is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. If the visa expires before use, the applicant is required to apply for a new visa before travelling. The dates cannot be modified once the visa has been approved and sent via e-mail.

However if the applicant needs a different visa to travel to Egypt such as a student visa or businesses visa, it may be necessary to contact the Embassy or Consulate.

Egypt e-Visa eligible countries

Foreign nationals travelling to Egypt for tourist reasons must present a visa to enter the country. Citizens who hold a valid passport from the following countries are eligible to apply online for an e-Visa for Egypt.

Below is a list of those countries eligible for an Egypt e-Visa.

Albania Australia Austria Belgium Bulgaria
Canada Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland France Germany Greece
Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Japan
Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Malta
Moldova Monaco Montenegro Netherlands North Korea
Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia
Serbia Slovakia Slovenia South Korea Spain
Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States Ukraine
The Vatican

Other Visas for Egypt

For a tourist visa for Egypt for trips of up to 30 days, eligible travellers can apply for the online e-Visa instead of applying via the Egyptian Embassy or Consulate. The Egypt e-Visa permits travellers to quickly complete an online application which saves time and energy and he/she can simply print the approved e-Visa to take with them.

However if the applicant needs a different visa to travel to Egypt such as a student visa, for permanent business or multiple entries, it may be necessary to contact the Embassy or Consulate.