What happens if you overstay your Egyptian Visa?


Egypt is a popular, enticing destination and it is inevitable that sometimes visitors will overstay their visas, either accidentally or on purpose. However, there are consequences of exceeding the limit of stay in Egypt.

It is usually necessary to pay a fine in order to leave Egypt if visitors overstay their Egypt visa. The amount can vary dramatically depending on the number of days someone has been overstaying their tourist visa in Egypt.

However, there are ways of avoiding the fee. It is possible to renew the visa online, or to visit the Mugamma Building to apply for a visa extension.

Generally speaking, it has never been easier to obtain a visa for Egypt. The application for the online Egypt visa only takes a few minutes to complete and it is possible to obtain either a single or multiple-entry visa.

Consequences of overstaying your Egypt visa

If you try to leave Egypt with an expired tourist visa you may need to pay a fine to leave the country. There used to be a 14-day Egypt grace period for visas, but officially it no longer applies. If you have overstayed your visa by just a few days you might not be fined but be ready to pay one.

You only need to pay a small fee if you have overstayed by a few days but the overstay Egyptian visa penalty can grow to a four-figure sum (in USD) if a visitor overstays their visa by a number of months.

As long as you can pay the fee, leaving Egypt with an expired visa is no a major problem. If you cannot pay it you won’t be allowed to board your flight.

The other problem with overstaying a tourist visa in Egypt is if a visitor wants to travel to the Sinai Peninsula or southern Egypt. Because of the more delicate security situation in the region, the border authorities are stricter and there are more checkpoints

If your passport and visa are not in order, you will not be able to enter the Sinai Peninsula. Make sure you are aware of the official policy on the documents needed to travel to Egypt.

Egyptian visa overstay penalty

As with most fees, they are often avoidable. To avoid complications it is better to follow the official rules and procedures as closely as possible. If you know you are going to stay beyond the length of your visa it is possible to apply for an Egypt visa renewal.

You can apply online by completing the Egypt visa application. It involves answering a series of questions and paying the visa fee using a debit or credit card. It normally takes five business days to process.

However, you cannot apply for an Egypt e-Visa from within the country, so this option is only useful if you are are somewhere else, or if you have plans to visit a nearby country and return.

An Egypt visa renewal from the Mugamma Building

If you are overstaying your egypt e-Visa and you are in Egypt you can seek a visa renewal at the Mugamma Building, which is part of the Cairo Governorate (located in Tahrir Square).

The office is open from 8:00 to 15:30 and you should get there as early as you can. You need to take your passport (and a photocopy of it), your expired (or almost expired) visa, and a passport photo to the office.

Try to remain as polite and patient as possible during the process and take something to do with you as the process can take a few hours in total.

In some cases, a visa renewal is not possible, it depends on the circumstances. If you cannot get a visa renewal and your visa has expired, you will need to pay a fine to leave Egypt.

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